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Never in your car when you have a choice. 8 and 9 Inch by Joe Palazzolo) A common and effective upgrade is to replace the Ford 8. diameter gas cylinders; Tool shelf holds up to over 500 bicycle - tricycle axles are now in use. The CWI Pre-Seminar is a collection of online courses designed to bolster and solidify the knowledge base of prospective Welding Inspectors in preparation for the CWI examination. Welding cast iron is a precision task that requires high heat, and often expensive equipment. . P. Scribner Welding and Distributing narrowed rearends for street rods, hot rods, drag cars. Cancel anytime. Under Construction This is a new web site. They just have to have brakes if over 1000 lb load. Welding at locations other than those authorized by Meritor will void the warranty and can reduce axle beam fatigue life. Gas Metal Arc Welding (GMAW), by definition, is an arc welding process which produces the coalescence of metals by heating them with an arc between a con-tinuously fed filler metal electrode and the work. Easy onlin See us at Crystal Welding Inc. Rear axles usually have several welded-on brackets and not all of the cast steel brackets necessarily come from the same foundry. ); these parts could be purchased from a on-line store (such as www. Welding Solutions For Wheels and Axles Keywords mc1577, wheels, axles, welding, automotive, manufacturer, weld, adaptive fill, welding wire, wheel and axle production, high quality welds, automotive welding, welding applications, auto industry, wheel finish welds, high fatigue load, welders, weld brackets to axles I can't imagine why welding the bearing surface of an axle shaft is any different than building up crankshaft journals and then grinding to specification which I've had done more than once. Read this about mounting axles for more information. Like your article the dealer did not weld the seats either. 875 inches from the driver's side axle tube, welding it back together, and installing a separate  Steel & Aluminum Welding. We offer a wide range of products including welding guns, torches, plasma cutting accessories, work stations, filler metal, wire and rod. I have 3 trailers with house trailer axles. All the parts needed to repair and maintain your trailer including Trailer Axle Spindles, Spindles & Spindle Nuts, Spindles & Spindle Nuts from TrailerPartsDepot. Hand truck wheels and axles from Grainger include 4-wheel attachment, axle kit, foam filled wheels, replacement axle kit, wheel bracket and more. McBride’s is a truck, trailer, motorhome, and RV shop that specializes in suspension, alignment, springs, steering, and welding. Use this only if you aren't connecting the passenger side UCA or are reusing  These traditional welding techniques can actually decrease the load-bearing strength of axle housings. tandem/walking axles - MIG Welding Forum See more Work Trailer Trailer Build Utility Trailer Trailer Axles Atv Trailers Woods Equipment Welding Bench Power Wheels Pedal Cars by Joe Palazzolo (Taken from Ford Differentials: How to Rebuild the 8. We would like to know what you want to see, what we could do differently, etc Liberty Welding was established in 1908 and is still thriving as a traditional welding shop. In the OFFROAD and ROCKCRAWLING scene it is very common to weld the steel axle tubes to the cast diff housing. Spring seats can be mounted over or under the axle (requires welding) at the desired location. The lab is ready to serve customers in a variety of ways, ranging from weld development for new materials to Axle slug welding process developed in the Lab. Dexter has been a leading manufacturer of trailer axles and trailer brakes for over 50 years for the utility trailer, recreation vehicle, heavy duty, manufactured housing, agricultural, marine, and specialty trailer markets. If you are welding your own axles, finding a suitable axle tube or receptacle to contain the stub axles without compromising strength and accuracy can be tricky. This welding cart also includes a deep, self-leveling tray for tools and supplies. Axle Demo YouTube Video See us at Crystal Welding Inc. Good weld penetration with no porosity or undercut is required to ensure the strength and integrity of the axle is not compromised. compatible with miller bobcat, trailblazer, and big blue 350/400/450/pro models. The application I did this same thing a few years ago for a guy. The Northern Industrial Welders Hi-Axle Welding Cylinder Cart is a great welding torch cart at a great price. Dead axles are also found on semi trailers, farm equipment, and certain heavy construction machinery serving the same function. this dose not include the tires-rims or chain. My advice to anyone contemplating welding axles, front wheel spindles, and other high confidence parts is to pay the money and get the metal tested before you weld. Tims South Texas welding and metal building supply, Welding Supplies, Welder, Welding Machines, Industrial Gases, Medical Gases, Metal Buildings, Uvalde TX, Texas, Bumpers, Trailer Supplies, Lincoln Electric Dealer Axles and Brackets & Welding – Oh my! - Lots of little projects crammed into a few weeks Now that most of the major chassis work is done, there has been a bit of a “phase shift” in working on my car and it’s taken me a bit of time to get used to. what would you class the steel as, high carbon, low I'm in need of some help, my friend is a jeep nut and asked if I knew how to weld his axles for a cheap locker. Either send your axles off, or buy a new pair. If your trailer has frame or axle damage, T&A's welding will happily come to your location and fix your welding needs. We build a variety of trailers including dumps, single and tandem axle utilities, tilt decks, car haulers, goosenecks, deck overs, trash trailers, fuel tanks, pipe trailers, roll off dumps, landscapes, welding trailers and more. Feb 16, 2012 Drag Racing - welded diff stock axles - Looking for people with a welded diff and stock axles experience. The overall diameter is 48. For clean and even stress distribution we almost always recommend a leaf spring trailer axle. 30 x 12 inch tires. The only way that might work would be to tig with correct filler rod then re heat treat. 8-inch axle’s semi-float axle shaft retention with the Ford 9-inch-style wheel-end retention for superior strength in high-performance applications. Tight tolerances for the outside diameter, wall thickness and length to optimize subsequent processing steps ; Low out-of-straightness; Customized short fixed lengths for immediate processing by friction and resistance welding and/or forging At Felling Trailers, we having been providing Innovative Solutions to your specialized transport needs for over 40 years. We continue to do quality trailer repairs. If not, I have clamped shafts in angle iron jigs for tacking, and for final welding remove the angle, laid them on the table and had a buddy turn them as I burn them in. Find axles. Please select from the categories below to find the right axle for your trailer. A few axles were then pulsed welded with the Power Wave at the low robot weld travel speed of 17 ipm. The repairs can be done on-site in 2 hours with minimal cost to the customer… Learn More How to weld axle tubes on GM 8. com, the ultimate Source for Welding Information & Knowledge Sharing! Here you can join over 40,000 Welding Professionals & enthusiasts from around the world discussing all things related to Welding. The process involved machine stick welding the slowly turning journal on an engine lathe with the arc submerged in a flow of sand. You are currently viewing as a guest which gives you limited access to view discussions A dead axle located immediately in front of a drive axle is called a pusher axle. We are known for our reputation of getting the job done right with the very best in repair services on boat trailers of any size, make or model. We offer fire pits for sale, outdoor fire pits, metal steel fire pit cover lid, dome conical China Hat pit covers, stainless steel fire pit spark screen, fire pit table, ride on sand diggers for parks and home. Best trailer axles from Dexter Axle, Timbren. No cable box required. welding trailer, 63 inch deck, off road ready, blue demon free shipping See more like this Hobart Welder/12kW Generator GR-303 (Trailer Mounted) w/ Ford 6 Cyl. For more information about all axle or carrier options and accessories – or to discuss a purchase – contact longtime Minnesota metal fabricator Joe Rauch. , for cart and carrier details. certified in the usa and canada. These axles are non-tapered, with hardened bearing seats and machined c-clip grooves, to fit OEM applications. Heavy-duty construction only taps the surface of this cart. Blithe assurances from ignorant but well meaning buddies (hey-ull I've welded a million of 'em and never had a problem) do you no good. Holds two 9 in. Whether you are in need of welding or axle conversion even carpeting, we can help. Best way would be to have them cut down and resplind. Many of the world’s top commercial vehicle component makers like Arvin Meritor, Ford, Schmitz Cargobull and DANA choose Thompson machines for friction welding truck axles. The latest generation of Thompson machines offer a number of market-leading capabilities that make them ideal for friction welding beam, banjo, trailer and drive axles. All machine work on the shafts and splines is completed prior to heat treat which offers a consistent and reliable axle every time. Axle weld locations and welding procedures must adhere to Meritor standards. Re: Welding Axles and metal types I don't know about the differences in the metallurgy between the 44 and the 60, but I will take a stab at a couple of the other items. Average cycle time is approximately 70 seconds for total cycle, 65 seconds for welding portion. Avoid welding in the high stress areas. If you will notice it is not done in manufacturing and that should tell you something. We have the necessary equipment to weld or repair aluminum,  Fully welded Heavy Duty axle trusses for the most popular axles. 5" 10-bolt Brian and I recently welded our 8. 1-15 of 15. Gas Engine Charlie's Boat Trailer Parts & Repair has been proudly serving Corpus Christi and surrounding areas since 2009. Browse a variety of top brands in Trailer Axles such as Ultra-Tow and Tie Down Ultra-Tow Weld-On Frame Brackets — 2 Brackets, For Use With Utility-Style  Nov 3, 2016 Just because you don't have a welder doesn't mean you can't build your an axle, a brake rotor and caliper, wheels, a steering wheel, a seat,  When it comes to high performance GM axles, forget about c-clips. 70 x 8 inch or 5. Our Recommendations. We discussed how to attach it, and discarded the idea of welding on the truss. You don't QUENCH cast iron!!! I would weld and use an original Forged Steel axle without worry. If you do weld your axles, do it with 7018 rod. Welding the Axle Housings Meritor permits drive axle housing assembly repair welding Welcome to WeldingWeb. Axle Tie Plate Kits are used for securing 1-3/4" wide leaf springs to round or square/rectangular trailer axles. 8‰Û rear ends. That saidI have a broken cast iron vise that I welded using pre and post heating 10 years ago. We are a family owned business. ‰Û¢ Brake Offset is fixed which means easier brake installations and Caliper alignment. ONE KIT REQUIRED PER AXLE Axle Over-Under Kits allows for conversion of 1-3/4" wide leaf spring location from top-to-bottom, or bottom-to-top on round axles without cutting or welding. Liberty Welding has been repairing axles since the early 20s. Forterior® series Product Properties. -dia. Serious personal injury and damage to components can result. What are your thoughts on this. From the factory the axle tubes are pressed into the differential housing, then they are plug welded through holes in the casting (usually only 2 per side). 8 is narrowed by cutting out 2. Strange Alloy custom axles are made from SAE 1550 modified steel and induction hardened for strong torsional strength. You did not mention the diameter of the axle. I’m concerned that the axles might rotate over the course of years to where the camber is not bowed up as it should. This trailer features a Dexter US made 5200 lb. Apr 6, 2005 What kind of steel are axle shafts made of and what welding rod,method would you use to weld one back together? Have stick and tig. We come to you! Liberty Welding's axle repair system addresses damaged or bent axle spindles caused by burned out wheel bearings or rough terrain. These Wood Deck Dual Axle Trailer Welding Project Plans show you how to build from scratch and use salvaged parts, scrap steel and more! Weld your own - 12 FOOT Welding Procedures reCommenDeD WelDinG praCTiCeS Unless otherwise specified, these welding practices must be applied when welding to Hendrickson Trailer suspension systems. Got an early mid 30's Ford front axle & wire wheels that was used on the trailer that brought my family from NW Iowa to the St Louis area back in 1959. If there is anyone who could direct me to a 'link' or a good explanation I would appreciate it. e. These 360-degree swivel axles accept a variety of tire sizes, including 5. Browse a variety of top brands in Trailer Axles such as Ultra-Tow and Tie Down from the product experts. 15” - 8 ply tires are mounted on galvanized 6 bolt rims. precision forging to dressing axles. You should not attempt it on the strength of reading a brief Internet article, no matter how informative. Problem fixed  Key hole slots on top of truss where keyed tabs would go must be filled with weld. Multiple bolt  WHEELS. All of this welding most assuredly warps the housing’s axle tubes and, though they may look straight, when even slightly off, the difference might cause the axle to bind in the third member or Berkelmans Welding would like to introduce this 4600 kg trailer with gooseneck hitch. Welding Spring Seats to Round Axles Note: If spring seat and related U-bolt clamp parts are different than shown, refer or consult with suspension manufacturer for weld recommendations. 1. *There are more than a few variations to these applications, to insure correct fit remove the OEM axles and measure before ordering. Motoman's automated system produces over 300 parts per 8-hour shift. With over 100 years combined industry sales experience, we have the answers to your transport needs. Kevin gardner. Normally when the tractor guys weld a plate on the end it is on a large diameter axle, and only the outer diameter is welded. 5" 10-bolt My Sons and I have been welding rearends ourselves in the garage using only a 110V Lincoln MIG wirefeed welder and Thousands of trailer axles reviews, same day shipping. The local "professor" of welding, the welding tech instructor at our local community college, suggested a bolt on truss I could put on the axle. Your trusted destination for welding resources, helpful support and high-performance products for all of your welding projects. How to Weld Cast Iron. Typically companies will ask for your Spring Center measurement, and then drill holes in your axle for your Leaf Springs. You may use 1 axle or 2, but it is recommended that you use 2, as 2 axles will carry the most weight and give you the best shock absorption. TIG welding usually has a higher overall heat input due to how slow it is compared to MIG. . highway ready, 57 in deck, welding trailer. Industrial automation equipment & Industrial Welding Robots with Innovative welding processes. i dont care about drivability i ran a  Jul 25, 2015 The Explorer 8. After I got rid of the undercut and large end craters with the conservative pulsed settings, I then place my attention to the Ford weld specification for the truck axles. Bolting it on would be an acceptable method of attaching it. I can't imagine why welding the bearing surface of an axle shaft is any different than building up crankshaft journals and then grinding to specification which I've had done more than once. I said no but would ask on the forum. com Scribner Welding is a high quality, small fabrication and machine shop. Mobile Axle Replacement Specialists for over 45 years providing safe and strong truck and trailer repairs. • Lighting & Electrical Repair. Our trailers use LED sealed beam lights and all wire connections are soldered with heat shrink The Trailer Parts Outlet is proud to offer Torflex® torsion axles, and you can completely customize your new axles in a matter of minutes. Both MIG and TIG are good processes to use. You have some choices when it comes to searching for axles for custom trailers, so keep the following things in mind: A junkyard is a great place to find inexpensive axles. Many of the backhoe and heavy equipment trailers have the old Dexter axles that are identical to some of the older house trailer axles. Jul 9, 2014 That tube weld joint is a weak point compared to traditional axles due to the additional leverages placed by offsetting the wheel. The base torsion, or smooth rubber-ride, axle is attached with bolts or U bolts. Manufacturing Technology, Inc. This is more than a 200% improvement over 150 parts per shift produced using the existing robotic welder, and more than five times faster than the 60 parts per shift welded manually. If they could do it and produce a product at lower cost and retain the necessary strength they would do it. House trailer axles aren't illegal in Tennessee. Axles are FORGED STEELnot cast iron. Even has a self-leveling tool box. Four wheeler equipment. Welding axles can be tough – gaps can vary widely and adaptive fill may be needed. 30mm with a wall thickness of around 5mm. If they were illegal, no one could deliver a house trailer in NOTE - Building your own axles should only be undertaken by a skilled and proficient welder equipped with a heavy duty, industrial strength welding machine. • Custom Cabinet Fabrication & Installation. Solutions With a large range of proven and innovative welding processes, CLOOS has an automated welding solution for you. Since the differential housing is Nodular Cast Iron and the axle tubes are steel, the welding is not particularly straightforward. And for wheels, you have to have a reliable process that delivers strong   Oct 12, 2016 A really simple way of turning your hella dope car into the ultimate personal drifting machine is to weld its differential. Please give us feedback. I placed the axle on my welding table, with crown up. For 39mm round axles, you cannot go past a good piece of 40NB Schedule 80 line pipe. The c clip axles were eliminated by welding on the 9 inch ford style brg ends and using custom made axleshafts. Haul up to two 9 in. On wheeled vehicles, the axle may be is significantly more resistant to bending or breaking, and is very difficult to weld with tools normally found outside a professional welding shop. You Spoke, We Listened: Everything You Need to Know About the NEW CWI Pre-Seminar. fireplace screens Higley Welding is a small Minnesota Veteran owned garage shop welding & and fabrication shop. 1 ½" build-up); Crane Wheels & Flanges- weld  Jan 14, 2019- Proper placement of trailer axles can make the difference between a Camper Trailers, Trailer Kits, Campers, Welding Trailer, Welding Trucks. How do I weld shortened axles like this? How strong will they be? The attached picture is of a Chevy truck axle that was shortened to make a small tractor. I think most diff housings are a maleable cast. O. ships in 2-3 days. Miller - Welding Equipment - MIG/TIG/Stick Welders & Plasma Cutting Sure, there are welding carts that you can buy… some are el-cheapo units and may last a few years (see our Harbor Freight review from 2005) and some are mega-expensive units that are still nothing more than a fancy utility cart that is often a ‘one-size-fits-all’ design that may or may not actually fit, or do what you want it to do. Doubt it will work. Axles: U 35, AL-KO, with electrical drum brakes There is a necessary brake controller for the electrical brakes as well as other purchased parts (coupling, locks, lighting and signaling items, fenders, etc. High-alloy steel is prone to cracking when welded, unless special procedures, such as  NOTE - Building your own axles should only be undertaken by a skilled and proficient welder equipped with a heavy duty, industrial strength welding machine. (MTI) is a privately-held, fourth-generation company headquartered in South Bend, Indiana, specializing in transformational, custom-engineered friction welding and resistance welding solutions for manufacturing processes. Together, we can build anything. This weekend I'll be doing some welding on my buddies axles. Quality and Service since 1946. RESULTS 1 - 15 of 15 Drivetrain - Axles - Trusses. I was wondering what the go to technique is for this. Axle Tube Material. I recently had my axles flipped by a local RV dealer. we are not responsible for minor paint scratches during shipping. etrailer. to 25,000 lbs. ‰Û¢ Bolt-In Axles provide improved retention over the C-Clip style axles that are supplied with the factory 8. You need to have proper welding capabilities though I have done a lot of welding on offroad truck axles. life time warranty: we will warranty the axle housing for life. com). Experienced Welder. cylinders (not included) and torch equipment - but you can roll more than just welding tanks to your work site. Once again we used the knowledge and  As a key contract manufacturer, we have been selected as the single source supplier of weldments which are the core of their Class-8 Semi Trailer Axle  Call 800-298-8924 to order Dexter Axle accessories and parts part number K71- 385-00 or order The ability to install on a 3" axle without welding is a plus. Thompson is the award-winning, long-established British manufacturer of rotary and linear friction welding machines which are used by component makers around the world. Under slung mounts have the spring mounted below the axle and over slung mounts have the spring mounted on top. The Liberty Welding’s axle repair system addresses a common and expensive problem that trucks experience on the road — damaged or bent axle spindles caused by burned out wheel bearings or rough terrain. The future of live TV with 70+ channels. New axles can be had for as little as $250. Automatic welding cells with main axle automatic press and geometric locating fixture with one MIG welding robot, MH transfer robot with holding position for MIG robot pickup. We also see the welder using anti-spatter  Welcome to Diamond Axles, your home for Rockcrawler designed axles! With the structural shape of the housing center, plus high quality welding and bracing   At Merrill Axle and Wheel Service we have over 70 years of combined experience in welding. New! Driveshaft safety loops and Custom fabrication specializing in TIG welding. If you are welding on a small hammer it shouldn’t take long to preheat the entire part – this will certainly give you a very slow cooling rate and eliminate a lot of issues. High strength steel grades for axles, i. Axles are usually made of heat treated steel and welding on them is not a good idea. Trail Gear Rock Assault Front Axle Truss Fabtech Axle Truss Currie 9'' Weld On for Jeep TJ. Welding suspension brackets to axles 02-05-2005, 07:55 PM I am planning to remove old leaf spring brackets from an axle and weld new ones further in on the axle about 3 inches to fit a narrow frame of a different vehicle. ‰Û¢ Semi-float axles to minimize brake pad knock back over a floating c-clip axles for autocross and road course racing. Established in 1988 as Dale's Welding doing welding and quality trailer repairs work. 1702 West Washington, South Bend, IN 46628 USA. as in it broke and you welded it back together. Welding axles in the middle is only "correct" when it is to get you off the trail and back home in your 4x4. Lowest trailer axles price guaranteed. We prevent any hassle of hauling or towing costs to haul your trailers to a stationary welding axles. F2C 2-Tier 4-Drawer Cabinet Welding Cart Mig Tig Arc Plasma Welding Welder Cart Trolley Heavy Duty Rolling Workshop Organizer Universal W/Tank Storage& Safety Chains. We build 3500# to 14,000# bumper pull. The process uses shielding from an externally supplied gas to protect the molten weld pool. 5” 10-bolt GM axle tubes to our differential housing per the popular recommendation. A tag axle is a dead axle situated behind a drive axle. I began building my own car parts in the 1960's while working in various positions. Pneumatic tires provide a smooth ride even over rough terrain. If it was my butt hanging out on those stubs, I'd sleeve them to get at least a close sliding fit before welding them. Below is a list of the following things to consider when ordering your axles. For more information about all axle or carrier options and accessories  Mar 25, 2019 On the rear axle, we opted to go for a truss that would bolster the structural integrity of the housing. Southwest Wheel carries a complete line of trailer axles from 425 lbs. Do you guys either weave through the small gap, or keep laying down beads until it fills in? How to weld axle tubes on GM 8. Trained, authorized Axle Surgeon mobile specialists  Sep 19, 2016 Reinforcing your JK Inner C's for offroad use! If you plan on doing any serious offloading, the Rubicon Dana 44 front axle will hold up to 37″  Trailer Axles, Brakes, Hubs, Drums, Spindles, Slipper Springs, Eye to Eye Springs, Hanger Kits, Hanger Parts, Hanger Bolts, and Lug Studs. Axles are made of very hard material and welding on them will cause problems. Are those axles case hardened steel? Besides alignment tricks is there anything special about welding these? Thanks Donman Welding brackets to axle tubes without bending them when done put in a jig and weld the axles ends back on if you weld all on the front part of the tube you may I've seen axle stubs on brand new axles with 1/8" gaps between the tube and stub. Foam filled tires are commonly used as replacements for solid rubber or pneumatic tires on tractors or other pieces of heavy equipment. Do Trailer Axle Spring Seats Weld to Axles. In most articles I noticed that they include welding the spring seats to the axle. • Electric & Hydraulic Brake Repair. He's swapping some much bigger ones under his jeep. We have added custom trailer building,as well as our standard in stock trailers. It began only because of customer demand, and the love for cars. they always use a 304 stainless steel rod for welding the center section to the axle tubes. Rail car wheel and axle image Locomotive Wheels- weld & machine to sizes 10" to 44" (max. Commercially available axles probably use a tube that fits a bit better than Schedule 80 pipe, though. Some of the brackets don't meet with the axle perfectly. ATV trailer. Bolt Pattern: a bolt pattern is based upon the capacity of the axle. That relieves the locally higher stresses on the frame, and keeps from welding on the highest or lowest areas on the main beam. Shop 45 Trailer Axles at Northern Tool + Equipment. Reliable Production Machining + Welding providing axles, hubs, brake assemblies, sure-lube products, and more. In addition, Liberty Welding has developed patented tools and methods for repairing spindles on the end of tractor and trailer in axles. Welding on a mid 30's Ford Front Axle Question. If you have a lathe to weld in to maintain straightness go for it. • Hub & Axle Repair. stick welding projects #Weldingprojects Tandem walking axles, possibly multi-body, tipping trailer. The way he's talking about doing the housing is standard and fine. Jul 11, 2016 Been working on welding this axle truss and through they'd be show worthy :) 1463541 1463551 1463561 1463571. The welding rods should conform to AWS (American Welding Society), grade E-7018 (Oven-Dried) or comparable. Question: Does the axle seat or saddle need to be welded to the axle ? Is it required or just suggested ? Thank you Central Oregon Bend based CNC Steel Fabrication builds utility trailers, raft trailers, trailer parts, and trailer welding. ok so who has welded a stock rover axle shaft. Placed the seats so far in from the wheels and used a torpedo level on each seat for alignment / rotation. That may make drifting  Jan 15, 2008 Welding procedures can affect repairs in many ways. you are responsible for shipping charges both ways. per axle load rating, with electric brakes on both axles. What others are saying Our Galvanized Axles are Unique in that you do not need to drill holes or do any welding in order to install your axle. Still in excellent shape even with the constant abuse. WarninG: Failure to follow these procedures and specifications can cause damage to the axle or suspension, and result in serious injury, death or property damage. Keep your welding equipment working hard with accessories and consumables from Hobart. The Axles and More by Joe LLC base torsion trailer axle can be used in a non-swivel application and is rated to carry 1,300 pounds. The plant's state- of-the-art equipment includes automated gear-cutting processes, laser-welding for carriers and single- hit. Runout is minimal, balance is good, but remember, it's not the real deal. Our staff of welders will repair trailer hitches that may have broken from normal wear and tear and/or replace the trailer hitch altogether. In this particular instance, at least two different foundries supplied brackets that were welded onto opposite sides of the axle housing. Round axles are shipped with un-mounted spring seats. Visit us today to get started! An axle is a central shaft for a rotating wheel or gear. welding axles

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